Timestamp: 1409437039

Even when the world seems too dark now and my chest feels too tight These faceless boys in my headphones, telling me it’s going to be alright

With a crooning voice, oh, how he loves me

Replay? Fair enough. Tomorrow can wait.


Timestamp: 1408905376

Still alive after my ‘actually-out-of-the-house’ adventure! Also very muchly tired.

I hope you’re all doing great .x

Timestamp: 1408867662

Actually about to leave the house today (going to see my brother perform & maybe take some photos of the whole thing).

I’m nervous and ugh, yaiks?

I hope you are all having a lovely day .x

Timestamp: 1408792621
@ultracouchpotatome replied to your photo “Fake boycut .x”
you look stunning! xx
Thank you, love! My 2012-past self says thank you too .x

Watching a house cat hunting a fly is hilarious .x

My sickday-friend is ignoring me… I feel the most sad :c (sad thumbsup for sad-lifeday) .x

Timestamp: 1408540497