Londonnn, always so great .x

Is there a limit for how many cat pictures I’m allowed to post?

haha no .x

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Hello, darliiing! Once you get this, you must publicly say five things about yourself, then pass it on to ten of your favorite followers.

Yay! This is so sweet, thank you .x

1) I’m 163cm tall and my brother is 184cm so yay, thank you genes?

2) I love animals ( heha, huge -cat shaped- secret :’) )

3) I’m interested in acting, I don’t know if I’m any good but I like the challenge.

4) I’m from Finland but I’m actually half Moroccan-Spanish.

5) I hate coconuts…. D: 

Wah, I have so many nice followers aaa, difficult! Okay, I’m going to send this to people who I’ve seen around recently! :3

How to get back to workout routine after being sick?

@healthi-kelsi said: I normally tone my day down. Longer warm ups and cool downs to insure no injury :)

@healthy-125 answered: Star slow and work back up to where you were before you got sick or got off track. That’s what I’m doing right now.


Great tips, thank you both for answering! :)

I’ll add that please! do not start pushing yourself too early! Rest enough, eat enough and drink enough water. Rather play safe than exersice too early. I personally know a girl who ended up in bed rest for 3 months (Myocarditis) and had to learn how to walk again because she kept working out while sick.

Safety first .x 


How do you guys get back to your workout routine after being sick, flu/fever/etc?

I’m still recovering so no exercise for me yet but just curious :)

I hope you’re having a nice week .x

Hope you feel better soon!

Thank you! I hope so too, this is getting really boring :D .x

Woke up all miserable with a sore throat and achy head this morning…. D: no fun times, I hope you guys are doing better .x